Subtitle not working when exiting PiP


When exiting PiP previously activated subtitles don’t work anymore.

I must choose the same subtitle again for subs to be displayed again.

Platform/version: iPad OS 15.1 using latest version of infuse

There may be a short delay before subtitles appear after switching out of PiP mode.

Can you try waiting a few seconds and see if they appear for you?

Hi James,

I just tested and the subtitles do not appear even after a minute, only way to see them again, is the select again the subtitles or to go to homepage and immediately open infuse again which resumes the video playback again with subtitles appearing.

I can make a screenrecording of this if you wish.


Seems this bug had been reported already in this thread:

It was in suggestion where it was asked to have subtitles when using PiP but it is also stated that several users have the issue of not having subtitles when exiting PiP.