Picture in Picture

Recently I have been using picture in picture on my iPad and decided to test it out on my phone as well.
So here are some things I noticed infuse in iPadOS and iOS falls short on:

  • Auto PiP when swiping up
  • Not showing subtitles
  • No backwards and forwards capability

Almost all, if not all streaming and video playing apps can do these things out of the box, so will there be plans for infuse to adapt these capabilities?

There are currently running threads for these that you can add your support to.

Auto PiP with swipe


You may want to start a new suggestion thread for the forward and back skipping in PiP. I don’t use PiP so I don’t know if it already exists so you may want to dig around first.

Also it’s best to include only one suggestion per thread, that makes it easier to count the supporting users for each request. :wink:

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in those threads to show your support for those suggestions! :wink:

Thanks for the response.

Supported the thread for the automatic pip in ios/ipados.

But the thread you indicated for subtitles is for macos and not ios/ipad os which I think has a different integration for infuse since it even has its own category.

Yes, there seems to be no topic on forwards/backwards capability for ios/ipados.

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