Scroll long descriptions during playback (Apple TV)

I often need to refer to a show’s description/overview/summary (whatever it’s called) while watching, and a simple press of the down arrow (Infuse on Apple TV) opens the Info window, which is great. The problem is when the show’s description is too long it gets cut off, and I can’t find any way of seeing it all.

It would be great if you could pull down the Info window and then maybe continue to click down to scroll through any text that is cut off. Or I remember in one of the the old Plex Home Theatre apps, if the text didn’t all fit, the description would automatically start to scroll after a few seconds, exactly the same way Infuse scrolls through a movie title if it’s too long to fit under the poster.

So is there some way seeing the whole description that I’m missing?
Or is this a possibility for the future?


I thought that on the longer synopsis windows that after you clicked on the synopsis then you could swipe up or down to scroll through it if it was still longer than what was displayed after you clicked on it.

Do you have an example of one that is longer on the ATV than what is displayed after you click on the synopsis?

I’ve noticed that too, when the text is to long sometimes

No, swiping/clicking does nothing (although that’s how it works in Plex). Sounds like you’re referring to viewing the synopsis from the screen before you’ve started playing the video (not sure what to call that… info window… details window?). It should be fixed there too for sure, but even more useful to me is the ability to see the whole thing from the “Info” drop-down window while watching the show.

I have lots of concerts and I always have the track lists included in the synopsis, along with band members etc so they tend to get quite long. It’s nice to refer to the track list while the concert is playing but they are almost always cut off. There are other types of shows that have chapter lists in the synopsis that I would like to refer to quickly while the show is playing. I used to use this quite a bit and really miss it. The feature basically works well in Infuse, it just need a tweak so that we can see ALL the text.

Actually, there is one more minor related detail. When looking at the synopsis, there is usually a “…” at the end if a sentence is cut off. But if there happens to be a paragraph break in the text, then you don’t get the “…” at the end, and there is no way of knowing if you are seeing the whole thing or not. At the moment the only way to be sure is to move over to the synopsis to see if you can click on it to open it up. It would be handy if there was a way of making sure every synopsis that was too long to fit was marked in some way.

During playback, Infuse will show an abbreviated description of what is playing when you open the Playback Menu (swipe down).

This could be adjusted to allow for scrolling, so I’m moving this to suggestions for now.

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