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Im not sure how to describe this, but here goes. If you click on a movie or show it gives you the synopis, info etc, nothing wrong there works as should. But when you scroll down to the section below “cast and crew” if gives you other movies. But when you click on those it automatically starts playing the movie? it would be nice for it to take you to the same landing/synopsis page as the other movies before you play it. Not sure if I have a setting incorrect or if this is a feature request.


Nope that isn’t right. But it might depend on what device you are using. Which one, what OS version, what infuse version?

it doesn’t do it on my Mac OS, just on the apple TV. Basically it doesn’t display the complete metadata.

OS Version for my AppleTV: tvOS 16.3.2 (which is the most current). works just fine on iphone and Mac os as mentioned prior.


If you notice when you scroll down to the list at the bottom, when you highlight another movie on the bottom list it will change the synopsis above. When it changes to the new movie it also has the play button highlighted so when you actually click on the poster below it’s clicking on the play button and Infuse is working as advertised.

If you want to see the synopsis of a movie from the bottom row just moved to the poster of the one you want to see and then scroll straight back up.

You know what i think it does work properly, the problem is on the apple tv OS that bottom section is so far down you cant see what the top is doing.

In plex when you click on the movie it takes you to the landing page for that movie, its doesn’t automatically start it. I think that functionality should stay the same. It works fine from the home screen, but when you are on a movie and you scroll down and click it starts the movie instead of displaying the synopsis/metadata, whatever you want to call it.

yeah, its great on iphone, ipad, mac, but it looks weird on the apple tv. the scrolling part just doesn’t feel right, its for sure the size of the screen, the smaller screens optimize it better

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