30sec fast forward and rewind option

Could you add an option to change the length of the fast forward and rewind button push? It’s way too long in my option even for commercials. A 30sec one allows you to press it a few times to go through commercials and it keeps you in the context instead of being like, how far back did that commercial end?

Do you have the Chapter Controls option enabled in Infuse > Settings? If so, Infuse will skip between the embedded chapters when using edge taps.

Disabling it will allow you to use the normal 10s forward/back skip.

I honestly had no idea what “chapter controls” meant but I toggled it on because I thought it sounded useful. “Yeah I want to control chapters” but I didn’t realize until now that meant the remote would skip chapters. Could you change it to “Button Press for Chapter Skip” or something? Or even have a submenu pop up under a “Button Press Options” one with Skip Chapter, 10s skip, 30s skip, 2min skip options! That would be PERFECT. I’m sure you know this but most users of this app are “power users” and we LOVE our options haha.