Same movie, multiple version - Directors Cut etc


Apologies if this has been answered previously

How you you name or list the same movie but in different versions? For example Blade Runner and Blade Runner Directors Cut? I currently have them both in separate folders, and both the folder and the file inside are called the same thing - for example:

Folder - Blade Runner (1982)
Inside Folder - Blade Runner (1982).mp4

Folder - Blade Runner Directors Cut (1982)
Inside Folder - Blade Runner Directors Cut (1982).mp4

However, when Infuse scans these it shows them both (which is good) but with the same name, so I can’t tell one from the other?


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That gives the same information as IMDB - in this case just the one entry for Blade Runner (1982)

Unfortunately Infuse doesn’t have a way to distinguish between different versions of a film, unless there are separate listings in TMDb.

This is something we may look at for a future version, though to be honest it’s probably a ways off.

Here’s what I would do (though, being my favorite movie of all time, I only include the Director’s Cut for viewing): Using Subler (so as to not re-encode the movies), select two different poster art for the corresponding versions. Then when you see them come up, you’ll be able to identify immediately. This will require that you tell InFuse to use your meta-data and not go an fetch it from the Internet (also something I do, as I prefer to use classic poster art). Not the only solution, but one I would use. Good luck.

Actually that is such a simple solution and don’t know why I did not think of that. Thanks.

Could actually make it even easier and just put a unique poster image in with one of the different versions.


Still would be one option, if you have more such films, to establish for them a special folder and there have therefore the same poster.

I fully agree with eon_designs. This should be something that Infuse should support. I have a couple of movies with this problem myself (Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, …).
The solution could be something similar to the “Season”-View where multiple episodes of a TV show get grouped together and which Infuse already supports. This way, if Infuse finds movies that map to the same TMDb entry could be put on the same movie title (just named Version 1 and Version 2 (and so on)). In addition, a naming Syntax would allow us to name the editions for better sub selection. Instead of showing episode Version 1, 2, 3 Infuse would show the version’ description in the sub selection.
Example: “Gladiator [Director’s cut].mkv” and “Gladiator [Cinema Release].mkv” would result in a single “Gladiator” tile with two “episodes” ‘Director’s cut’ and ‘Cinema Release’ in the detail screen.

@James: Would that be a possibility?

One additional comment: This could also help to group special features/bonus content for a film to the same tile. For example “Gladiator [Making of]” could lead to a third entry in the Gladiator tile.

Hello all

Some really good comments here. I’m in the process of transitioning from Kodi on to Infuse and that’s one of the few things that Kodi does really well. It automatically groups movies together. For example, all the Star Wars films are grouped under Star Wars Collection. However, it has the flexibility to make your own groupings too.

As I said in another topic, really love Infuse and know that it will just get better and better.

I like the poster idea, but you can also enable ‘Show filenames’ in settings and the filename will scroll under the poster.

Reviving an old thread as I’ve tried to tackle this multiple ways. I currently have a folder for Blade Runner - inside are:
Sub Folder>Blade Runner - Theatrical Version (1982):
Blade Runner - Theatrical Version (1982).mkv

I have this structure for 3 versions of the film (Final Cut, Theatrical, and Workprint). All three have different names, posters, dates, etc… Infuse will sometimes pull in the correct artwork from the folder.jpg image but then almost immediately goes back to showing the MVDB poster for all 3. If I turn off fetch metadata it still exhibits this behavior. Can I turn off fetch metadata and tell Infuse to refresh the embedded metadata? Thanks!

Apparently, I have to turn off metadata fetching globally even after telling Infuse to use embedded for an individual file. It “sticks” now but I also have to go in an match each new movie I add.

TMDb has said they are planning to add support for alternate cuts later this year, and once they do we should be able to support these in Infuse.

Great! Is there a guide on backup/restore of metadata for Infuse? I’m backing it up to iCloud but is there a manual way to restore if something wipes out all the manual editing I’m doing? Thanks again.

Infuse uses a combination of iCloud and Trakt for saving and syncing this info between devices.

More details on how this works can be found here.