Smart group naming help required

Ok, here’s the situation …
Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 6.21.20 pm

How do I go about naming this so I see the two cuts under the single movie entry?

Tags for Cuts, Parts, and Versions

When multiple copies of a movie are present, Infuse will automatically recognize tags in the filename to differentiate between versions. These automatically recognized tags include:

  • Director’s Cut
  • Extended Cut
  • Theatrical Cut
  • Cinematic Cut
  • Final Cut
  • Unrated Cut
  • TV Cut
  • Uncut
  • Special Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
  • Black & White
  • Wide Screen
  • Full Screen
  • IMAX
  • Part x (cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX)

You can also add custom tags using the ‘edition’ tag in the filename, in this format.

  • Get Out (2017) {edition-Regular Ending}.mp4
  • Get Out (2017) {edition-Alternate Ending}.mp4

Tags are only visible while browing via the Library.

You’ll probably want to include the tags in the folder name as well.

Blade Runner (1982) Theatrical Cut/Blade Runner (1982) Theatrical Cut […] .mp4

Blade Runner (1982) Final Cut/Blade Runner (1982) Final Cut […] .mp4

The first folder is fine and I dont need help with. The second folder is a Blu-Ray file that holds the entire contents of the Blu-Ray disc. I thought for grouping to work, I needed to be in a single folder for the TMDB movie entry

Each different copy of a movie need not be located in the same directory or even on the same server. If Infuse recognizes both items as “Blade Runner (1982)” then they’ll be grouped and differentiated in the UI based on file name tags (if present) or their possibly being different video resolutions.

What specifically are you seeing and what isn’t working? Did you try naming the the folder containing the Blu-ray disc contents “Blade Runner (1982) Final Cut” and the folder containing the .mp4 “Blade Runner (1982) Theatrical Cut”?

Renaming the BDMV folder to include the edition tag worked. Thanks.
The first entry only appears as “1080p” and not “1080p Theatrical”, but I’m not going to get too hung up on that.

Did you rename the folder as suggested?

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