How do I best manage different releases of the same movie?

I was wanting to put this out here on the forum as I figured someone has worked out a way to manage multiple versions of the same film in their libraries.

My issue is that for a handful of movies, I have both the theatrical release and a director’s cut. The metadata lookup from will only pick up a certain version, one or the other. Is the only way to capture different run times (and possibly different age rating) for these movies to embed the metadata into the movie?

That being said, how do I set up Infuse to run with 99% online metadata and 1% embedded metadata without suffering a performance hit of asking Infuse to check for embedded metadata.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can use a combination of your own artwork (jpg/png) or metadata files (xml/nfo) to adjust how some items appear in Infuse.

This can be done without enabling the Embedded Metadata, and a bit more info on the available options can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

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I add (Directors cut), (theatrical) or extended cut to the file name. Then in Infuse I turn on Show Filenames under settings. You then have to manually correct the metadata if you are using the fetching option. Unfortunately you have to make do with the mpaa ratings that are given in the online database. Which are usually wrong for these alternative cuts.

Thanks James and @ndy for your tips. They should help me in separating out the Director’s Cut from the normal movie release.
Much appreciated.