Option to always display folders on top


I hoped that this is gonna changed backed as it was with v7 but still no changes on that.

Please James…this is not a change I have to look maybe in months, this is clearly a bug or bad change at v6.5.

I can’t understand how an app, which was so useful over years can be destroyed with such a senseless change.

I want my folders on top with the sorting by file name to get Movie 1, movie 2 etc in a chronicle way. Now the only option with folders in first is to order by title and there everything is muddled.

This is so annoying and is senseless as hell.

I liked the app but now this is going so bad with the updates. Damn…please change this back and not in years with “maybe we going to look at it”. No, change this back. It’s a senseless change and not a feature.

Please give us the option so sort everybody wants to AND the possibility to put folder first. This is an easy option every file app has already implemented.

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Yeah, this needs to be addressed.
Too much time has passed, should be an easy fix.
Just do it.

With 6.2.5 there was this change. Before that everything was fine.

Hi James,

any infos so far for us?

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Yeah, how’s it going?

Hey, how’s it going? Will this ever be implemented? Preferably before my hair is all gray…

HEY I resemble that remark! :older_man: :rofl:

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7.1 and still nothing huh?
Please get this done.

Yeah…I am really angry about this. A simple possibility to change this in the settings “Folders on top” and sort by “Date/Filename…”

But they won’t do anything. I’ve never expected that they ignore that request with the senseless change since 6.x.x so hard…

Good app but really bad support @james

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Yup. Bad form.

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Hi, please can u check this with James? Ist was a senseless change.

Look at the order when sorting by filename (only possibility to sort folders first):

I want folders first with sort by filename as
Movie 1.mkv
Movie 2.mkv

This was the normal case before 6.x.x

Thanks a lot

Any news on this bugfix yet?

I already gave up this topic. So brutal that u don’t get any reaction on this. I will end up my subscription. I mean this is a bug or a bad update in the past and everybody ignores this. Such a …really. What is this? I am so pissed off…

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Special thnx @james

Anything happening on this?

Let us sort by filename with folders on top.

Attention on it please!!!

This feature was in Infuse 6 and has been removed.
It should be an option for all view sort parameters.
You want to show by Titles, Dates, or FileName, let us decide whether our folders are on top or not.
It works only with Titles, but Titles do not reflect our movie naming conventions if we decide to name the movies following personal classification.
I put the A, The, etc… at the end: “Firm, The” or “Night At The Opera, A”
Then Infuse wrongly catalogs them and the attached titles (meta) is wrong. My movies are not in the order I want.
That is why it should let us sort them the way we want and allow Folders on top (or not)


I can’t understand why they are dragging their feet on this issue. Should be a no brainer.

Very disappointing