Sort order in 'Files' view

I have all of my titles within folders. Whether it is a single title, or a collection. That way, when I view the folder on my computer, it shows up exactly the way I want.

But when Infuse scans the drive and displays them, it first shows the titles within the collections folders first, and then the ones with single titles in them.

For example, 2 of my folders…
A Bug’s Life (1998)
↳ A Bug’s Life (1998).mkv

Zootopia (2016)
↳ Zootopia (2016).mkv
↳ Extras (folder)

Result: The Zootopia shows up before A Bug’s Life.

Would it be possible for there to be a setting where Infuse displays strictly by folder name instead of reordering using some sort of logic?

I think what is happening is that it is flattening all single movies in a folder. Generally people don’t need to navigate that extra level. But in cases where there is a folder with multiple movies it is treated as a folder instead a movie and those get put up at the top for easier access to navigate.

Yes. I does seem like that. I just wish there is an option to ignore this logic. Because now, sorting by ‘folder’ isn’t really sorting by ‘folder’.

If you switch the Sort Order option in Settings > General to Filename, Infuse will use mixed sorting for files and folders.