Folder always on top when sorting by date/title?

Infuse pro 4.0.3

I like “sort by date” so I will know which movies are recently added as they appear on top.

Unfortunately I noticed if I have folders that contain some movie folders, those folders are always on top of everything…

For example I have

Collection 1
  -- Movie 1
    -- Movie 1.mkv
  -- Movie 2
    -- Movie 2.mkv
  -- Movie 3
    -- Movie 3.mkv
Movie 4
  -- Movie 4.mkv

Movie 5
  -- Movie 5.mkv

Movie 5 is added last, so it is supposed to be the first one. I was expecting something like

Movie 5, Collection 1, Movie 4

But what I saw it,

Collection 1, Movie 5, Movie 4

Looks like “sort by date” needs to mix file and folder?

Any workaround?



I have the same issue since i have put all my movie in my new NAS (Syno 215j).

Any solution ?

Thanks a lot

Issue solved for me.
I was in Upnp. You just have to switch in SMB and everything should be all right.


I am connecting via SMB…

Any workaround? Seriously, when more movies are grouped into various folder collections, sort by date has lost its meaning because folders are always on top…

Any hope? Really want to mix sort folders & movies…

BTW, can you add Sort by Release Date option?

I have tried upnp, smb and currently on FTP, still the same problem. folders always sit on top! must be code related

Well, I have a kind of workaround until they fix this. I also sort by date and found the same thing as you, that folders came up on top. I tried putting all files in folders, but it seems like Infuse treats a single file in a folder as a single file and puts them at the end of the list.
What I did was that in a folder with a single file I created a “dummy” .txt-file. I then renamed it dymmy.mp4, or dummy.mkv depending of what file type the movie file was.
That did the trick. It is not an optimal solution, but it is what I have done until they fix the sorting issue.

This is done by design, though a number of more flexible browsing options will be available in the upcoming 4.2 update.

nothing has been improved in v4.2, still can’t mix sorting folders/movies.
i am not a big fan of ‘Library View’.

I’ve just tried this, and it sorted out the ordering, but Infuse has retrieved artwork and meta data for a film called “Dummy” which is distracting. Is there any way of telling Infuse NOT to retrieve meta data for a specific file?



Bump up. Can you add a global option or per Favorite setting, to allow to sort by mixing folders and files?

There is the feature of Infuse. As to me I can’t understand this idea at all. I have the same problem but when I tried to sort my collection alphabetically in Poster View screen. I tried to write to support and James proposed to use List View. But it is inconvenient for me and, what is more important for today, for my child. I see only one solution of this problem - make something like TV Shows with only one season - if you put all episodes of tv show with only one season in folder “ShowName”, you will receive Poster with label “Season 1” in Poster View. If you want to see name of the show under its poster, you have to put all episodes into folder “Episodes” or “Season 1” which would be into the “ShowName” folder. Something like this:

– folder.jpg
– Season 1 (or Episodes, or XXX - it doesn’t matter what is the name of this folder)
— showname.s01e01.mkv
— showname.s01e02.mkv
— etc.

So, the solution might be in the same idea for movies too… Something like this:

Movie 1
– folder.jpg
– Movie (or something else)
— movie 1.mkv

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried yet this idea. I’m going to try it on weekend may be. If it works I will thing on simple AppleScript which should going down on collection, find movies, make subfolders, move movies into subfolders and print list of these movies (to find artworks for there folders after moving in the future) and make vice verse operation (it’s for case if anytime James and team realize mix sorting between movies and tv shows). It takes time in any case for me (i’m not professional programmer:-)) that is why I haven’t realize it yet. But I think it should work.

I have sent many tickets regarding this and was told that this would be fixed. However, with the introduction of version 5, I can confirm that this has still not been fixed. I have emailed the support to follow up, and regrettably no one wants to answer the support tickets. I have also sent messages to James and he is mute on this. All i can say that this is very bad support system, who dont even bother answering the users/customers.

I have however, found a workaround which is although annoying but yet works: just create a “new empty folder” in the folder of those movies which has only one file. See the attached screenshot. Now change the sorting option to filenames. This shows all the movies in sort order a-z.

I hope we can get some proper work around from the developer or alteast an added option to show the folders like this.


Thanks a lot! Your solution looks simpler and faster in realization!

Even after a year or so, we do not have a way to sort movies in a true A-Z sorr order :frowning:

3 years passed…not even in the upcoming features list… not doable? or infuse team has no interest on it?

This has been partially addressed for the upcoming 6.2.5 release.

Infuse will now treat files and folders equally with the ‘sort by filename’ option enabled.

Grouping of folders at the top will still be present for other sort options.

Wonderful news - thanks james

Thank you, can it be applied to other sort options too? I believe ‘sort by date’ is used more popular.