Option to always display folders on top

With 6.2.5 you added ”Mixed file/folder sorting when using ‘by Filename’ order”.
Please restore old behavior, folders on top.
The new way of mixing folders and files is bad, quite annoying actually.

At least give us an option to have folders on top.



Have you tried the “Title” Sort order? It has the folders on top and the individual files below and to me seems to be the only difference between the two.

Yes, I have now tried that and it seems like its working the way I want. Haven’t sorted by title in a good while, I have a vague memory of it sorting by the meta tags and they are sometimes wrong. I’d rather sort by filename.

Don’t understand why sorting by filename and having folders scatter throughout the list is supposed to be “better”? Is there actually people that like it like that?

Maybe somebody can explain the differences between filename and title sorting, and why throwing folders everywhere is supposedly better?


Well, I kind of like the Folders on top and the single files below but that’s because that was what I got used to. When I started I would have much preferred having the mix so when looking for a specific title whether it be a folder or a single file you only had to browse for the name, not check folders first and then scan the single files. Now I’m just used to the folders on top but I may switch back.

I don’t think that meta tags have any bearing on the sort in “By Title” I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s been pretty flawless. Give it a try and see.

Just noticed this change today. I also prefer it the old way.
As of 6.2.5 if you sort by filename, it mixes folders in alphabetical order with files.
If I sort by title, it uses the meta data which is wrong for a lot of my files. thats why I prefer to sort by filename.

Maybe a new option/toggle can be added to sort folders on top or in alphabetical order regardless of the current “sort order” menu?

Where is the wrong metadata coming from? Mine doesn’t change when toggling between Title and Filename.

The files themselves. I sort by filename and have show filenames “on”. I also don’t fetch meta data so sorting by title uses local meta data on the files. None of this really matters though. I would just like an option to have folders on top.

Just trying to figure out a solution, have you tried turning “Show File Names” Off? Second, is there a reason you don’t want the TV series name as the first part of the file name like “Golden Girls S01E01.mkv”? That seems to fix the vast majority of metadata fetching errors and would help return the sort to the way you prefer.

Again, just trying to work with what’s available to get the solution you’re after. If you use local metadata you can select folders to use that and then if it doesn’t find a local metadata file it will then go look for one.

I have, but I prefer to show filenames and sort by them. I don’t fetch meta data for shows. It’s just the shows folder with episodes and a jpeg for the folder image.

I’d just like an option to enable folder on top regardless of what is selected by “sort order”.

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NC Bullseye

Yes, If I´d always had folders all over the place I would prefer to have it like that, but… I haven’t.
I want my folders on top and I want to sort by filename. :slight_smile:

I’m using sort by title now until they fix it though, no choice really.


I’m also using sort by title now, but this has other issues. The perfect solutions would be to let the user decide which sort behaviour he/she wants - on any sort option (title, filename, etc.).


It’s about time this gets fixed.
Let us sort by filename AND keep the folders on top.

Sorting by title… I know about this but its not what I want.

If I sort by title and start and start scrolling to find what I want sometimes titles move around. Im guessing as the files gets processed and gets the “correct” title they move from the original spot, which was the “wrong place”

Just give me sorting by filename and folders on top, cant be that hard to fix, right?

Yeah. this is something I already asked for here several times!

I cant understand why nobody react to these post. There was a stupid change in an Update in the past and nobody give a **** on this.

I am really pissed of. @james : can u react on this and give this case any attention???


There is plenty of us that wants this back, but they don’t seem to care to adress it at all.
Not cool

The thing is: every files app has the possibility to sort by file name or something AND independent by this an option to sort folders first. So everybody would happy. I want the folders first and then by file name like this was the option since i am using infuse over the years now. I dont get this sense of change in (i believe) 6.5.2.

Yeah I cant find the reasoning behind this decision

Hope James is going to look at this!!!

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Hey, anyone from the Firecore Team seen this? Would love some feedback from the Team on this.

Merging your two threads here.

This may be something we look at for the future.

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Thank you! I really hope this gets fixed as I consider this as a bug.
Other than that, great app!