is not available error

I have issues getting subs from opensuptitled. I live in Denmark

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Considering this thread it over 5 years old, what kind of problems are you having? What version number of infuse and what device?

Also just to verify are you talking about Opensubtitles. org?

Only saw august 18 and thought it was the date😂

I just get an error occured downloading subtitles from OpenSubtitles and that I should check my internet connection.

Its version 7.5.9 (4501) on Apple TV 4K 3gen tvOS 16.6

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I have this same issue. Ipad ios 16.6, iphone ios 16.6. Infuse 7.5.9.

Here’s the notification I get when I try to click on the subtitle file (it finds the subtitles but won’t open the subtitle itself):

Been getting this a couple of days now, at least.

Same problem tonight in France via AppleTV HD

Infuse Pro 7.5.9 (4501), AppleTV 4K, latest tvOS, “An error occurred. Unable to access OpenSubtitles. Check your internet connection and try again”.

I’m definitely connected to the internet (Ethernet), I’ve restarted the AppleTV.

I’ve seen previous threads from June where this was looked into and it may have been an issue from OpenSubtitles’ side? Well it seems to be happening again.

Doing some checking. Will get back when I can find something out.


same here. if the info helps: downloading subtitles failed in the first attempt for about a week now. mostly worked on the second try, rarely had to do a third. but now its failing completely.
and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the internet connection, since it’s loading the list of available subtitles just fine.

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Acces to OpenSubtitles is suddenly back again for me.


We’ve received an update from OpenSubtitles that the issues on their end have been addressed, so things should be back to normal.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues here.


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