Open does not show available subtitles

The dowloading of subtitles always was a bit of a pain with frequent disconnects but always workable enough to not complain. But now the does not show available subtitles at all for every language. It shows the interface but there are no options to choose from. I have two apple tv and the ipad app all have the same issue. Anyone else have the same problem?

Edit: tried different internet connection…same issue.

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same here. most languagues have results with “none”. even it is available in website (

issue started by yesterday.

EDIT: now, it seems fixed…

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Fully agree. With other apps open subtitles works like a charm but there have been constant problems with infuse in the past months, e.g. connection timeout, failed to download subtitle. I think that finally something was supposed to be improved with the new versions. Obviously, this has not worked and now it is broken. Hope, that this will be fixed very soon!

Same issue here :confused:

Same here.

Same here, tried 2 atv’s, iphone X and ipad. also tried different internet connections, hoping for fast solution

I have the same issue,
Seems to be an general issue , we all have paid for the application!!
This should be fixed asap.

Same here…

Seems that 3 days ago an update was pushed.
Who can confirm if this caused the issue?

Same here. Tried on atv4k with infuse 4 pro and infuse and from IPad Pro

I had the same problem & thought i was going crazy, can James kindly chime in?

Sorry for the trouble.

We’ve been working with OpenSubtitles to get this resolved and things should now be back to normal.

Please let us know if it continues to be an issue.

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Yes! Seems solved. Thx

opensub not work for me…

Still not working for me. What is the solution anyway ?

The stats show their API server has had problems all week. I got mine to work after several attempts so don’t give up.

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