OpenSubtitles down?

I’m trying to download subtitles when watching several movies/TV series, but I always get an error and the advice to check my internet connection. The internetconnection is fine (I can watch YouTube on the AppleTV). I can also login to on my PC.

I’ve seen an older post that there appear to be recurring problems of this type caused by something on OpenSubtitles’ end.

James, could you please reach out to them and check if this is caused by them?


They’re still operational according to status page.

Just a side note, I’ve had that problem clear up in the past with a restart of the ATV.

Are you using the latest version of Infuse (7.6.1) or an earlier version? You can view the version number by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

Can you replicate the issue and send in a report from your device - and post the code here?

Today it works again! Maybe the solution was that I turned the ATV off yesterday, as @NC_Bullseye suggested?

FWIW: I use Infuse Pro 6.7 (3858).

Ok great!

Just a heads up, Infuse 6 uses the old APIs which they have announced will be shutting down at the end of the year. Infuse 7 is using the new APIs which will continue working in the future.

Good to know (although I’d prefer to keep the “pay once” version). Is there a “special” offer for customers that switch versions (or maybe will there be one e.g. “christmas special”)?

Yes there is.

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