NTFS hard drives.

Can someone please help. I have looked through these forums but can find an exact answer.

I have been trying to run XBMC through my ATV2 but after getting constant buffering issues on films I am looking for another option. (I don’t have similar issues watching movies on ATV through iTunes!!!)

I was thinking about dusting off my ATV1, jail breaking it, running XBMC and buying a new 3TB HD to connect via USB but these days I have lots of films above 4Gig in file size so I would need to format NTFS right?

Will ATV1 see the NTFS drive? If not, is there any way around this problem?. Can anyone help before I run out and but the new 3TB HD please??

Thanks, D

Unfortunately the NTFS format will not be supported on the Apple TV.

The 1st gen Apple TV will support drives up to 2TB in size, formatted in Mac OS or FAT32 format.

2TB drives cannot be FAT32 formatted!  I bought one for that purpose, but does not seem to be recognized under the exFAT format which is the ONLY format allowed?

Details on formatting a larger drive in FAT32 format can be found here.