External HDD questions

Before I buy aTVFlash for my 1gen Apple tv I need to know if my external hdd’s will work.
All my hdd’s are formated in NTFS, so I need to reformat them to FAT32, right?
After this, will I be able plug one of them in and start watching movies directly in XBMC? Or do I need to fiddle with some settings first?

Drives up to 2TB in size, in FAT32 or Mac OS format are supported on the ATV1.

Full details on using an external drive can be found here.

Hi James, I have Version 4.5 from August 2012 on my ATV1 and I had been using a BIG 3 1/2 x 5 Hard drive 500GB (powered) formatted FAT32, and it is working great but I wanted to go with the Laptop USB 2.0 External Hard Drive also 500GB formatted FAT32 but NOT POWERED.


My question is: WHY doesn’t my Apple TV1 recognize it? while my other big one still works fine? is it because it is NOT powered?or because the ATV1 cannot generate enough power through the USB port to support it maybe? Was a Laptop drive (Small USB Drive) ever tested on the ATV1? When I plug it in the light turns, but that’s it nothing else happens.

I tried 4 times to run the Smart Installer for it to accept the new drive with NO avail. I also noticed that I also lost the Small USB Hard Drive 1.5TB that is connected to my Time Capsule. The ATV1 does not see it anymore, as well as the folders in the Time Capsule. But it see the DATA folder and other movies & folders in the ROOT of the Time Capsule but not inside the Time Capsule folder. This is strange…

Can you please help me.



PS. Is it possible to add an external drive to my ATV2 by any chance? or record directly on my Time Capsule?