New to ATVFlash, USB HDD question

you will have to excuse me if i am asking a question that is a common answer. I purchased ATVflash today with the intention of connecting my 2tb WD drive to it so that i will be able to watch my movie collection (the original reason i bought an apple Tv.)


I now have fouind that the NTFS drive will not work.  I am currently backing up all of my movies on the drive so that i can reformat. I see this HFS file format being talked about, i am assuming this is a mac format. since i am a windows person i am guessing this is out if i wish to be able to update the hard drive via usb cable plugged into the computer. (strongly considering the FTP route but have not made it that far yet) 

now for my questions.

will a 2Tb HDD be supported if formated in FAT32?

can i format to HFS on a windows machine? and if so will drive still be able to be accessed via windows machine?


that is all i can think of for now, but i am sure more will come up as i continue through the process


Thanks in advance


figured this out. can be closed or deleted


how did you sort this?


sorry for the delayed response.  I found a 3rd party program (downloaded the free demo version) to format to Fat32 and it works perfectly.  Unfortunately i do not remember the name of the program anymore.