Genre's Selection Page

Here’s a thing I’d like added… Have the genre selection page on tvOS like the genre selection page on Plex. I’m not a fan of the list at the side of the screen with the full sized posters panning across the screen. Sort of like what Plex does, adding an entire different menu for Genres, kind of like the poster page but with artwork genre icons.

edit: removed poster sizes and added photo

Not exactly sure what you are referring to as the good example, but you can add a “genres bar” (with fanart backed text labels) for either or both TV and Movie titles to the Infuse Home Screen. You can do this through the Home Screen customization menu, or perhaps by long-pressing the genres button in the library and selecting “Pin to Homescreen”.

I’d like that, too.
Request for variable poster sizes is here.

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As @FLskydiver said there’s a suggestion already running for this so you can add your support there. I modified the title of your thread to reflect the change.


A genre page like this, this is what i’m on about.

Ah, okay.
(Seems like the grid could be a bit tighter, though.)
I was referring to this when speaking of pinning the ‘genres bar’ to the Home Screen.