Proposal: Variable-sized poster-matrix.

Hello All,

I want to file a proposal: A variable-sized poster-matrix for Infuse. Let me explain:

We’re all displaying Infuse‘s gui on tvs or projection screen of different sizes. Some people are using 32’’ tvs, others 65’’ tvs, while others are watching their movies on a projection screen with a diagonal of 3 meters.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) the 6x2.5 poster-matrix is not ideal for larger screens like 65’’ or even projection-screens. Posters look very large and the amount of information being displayed is somewhat limited.

I would like to see a poster matrix, that better adapts to the screen size and is adjustable: e.g. 6x2.5 for a typical 32’’ or 40’’ tv, 9x3.5 for a 65’’ tv and probably 11x4.5 for a large projection screen.

Maybe somewhere in the settings the horizontal matrix-size could be adjusted between 6 and 11 and the vertical size be adjusted by Infuse proportionally. Or select the diagonal of the screen in inches and Infuse will select the best gui proportions.

Appended some pictures from: OpenPHT, Kaleidescape and Infuse.

What do you think?

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Personally, I prefer the current set screen layout. While you may have a physically larger screen it is still a 16:9 aspect ratio and you don’t normally sit the same distance away from a 24" display as you do from a 65".

Too small is more of an issue than too big.


Hello NC Bullseye,

thanks for your reply. My proposal shall make the poster-matrix adjustable. So, you could keep your preference of 6x2.5.

But, if you take a look at the attachments of OpenPHT or Kaleidescape, there are other layouts that also work very well and allow the gui to display more information on the screen.

In parallel to Infuse I’m currently using OpenPHT on my 65’’ screen and for me its 9x3 matrix is definitely not too small at a viewing distance of 3m even though my eyes were better 20 years ago.?

Best regards.

I’m in favor of this proposal but for the opposite reason: I’d like the posters to be much larger, large enough so that they fill the vertical space (e.g., 1 poster tall by 3 posters wide).

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Oh, my! Just shivered imagining try to scroll to anything specific in my absurd collection of 3000+ titles … :grimacing:

I can see how a denser poster matrix could work on larger displays when poster titles are hidden (and you are intimately familiar with your collection’s poster art) …

but In your 9x3 matrix in the first picture … 80% of the movie titles can’t be read. Enough for one or two short words and then (…) to be continued. Don’t think that works.

Cool idea, though. I like it. Can’t imagine how difficult it would be to code, or to convince Firecore this is something worth them pursuing.

My particular use case is home movies where the posters are thumbnails, and I count them in the dozens, not thousands. So it would be nice to have them zoomed in to see the thumbnails more easily.

But if the devs can make the size adjustable according to user preference, with sufficient range between smallest and largest, then it should satisfy everyone regardless of purpose.

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Absolutely. :+1:t3:

Posting on an old thread as was trying to find if anything was in the pipeline.

Displaying 6 x 2/2.5 posters on screen is laborious when scrolling through a big collection.

They’re huge!! I know opinions vary but having a small, med, large option would make a lot of sense to me. I like the density of my Zidoo which is 8 x 3 and could even go a little smaller.

New to this forum is there a feature request section or anything?


Agreed. My Zidoo shows 10 across and still has the title under the poster. Makes scrolling through a huge collection so much easier and looks way better that Infuse’s 6x2.5

Unfortunately seeing as this was brought up in 2018 and it’s still not implemented because the first post still only has 8 likes, I don’t see it ever changing…

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No probably not. I’ve increased the likes by 1. That should make all the difference :laughing:


Every little bit helps :slight_smile:

I feel like this forum is actually youtube and I keep expecting someone to pop in and say “make sure to like and subscribe, and don’t forget to ring that bell”…Kinda sad really, but it is what it is I guess. :slight_smile:

I’m here for this too now.
Blame tvOS 17. Such a small change but suddenly it looks far more neat with everything a tad smaller.

Ironically I have always been a less is more advocate.
No longer in this case.

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What’s changed re: the poster display?

I’m also onboard for a tighter grid.

(Not sure why I seemed to be resistant to it earlier in this thread … maybe my collection has grown quite a bit since then?)

I’m finding myself more and more annoyed by the 2.5 poster high grid.

I’d much prefer Infuse show 3 complete rows per page, and scroll neatly 1 row and/or 1 page at a time. No more slivers of posters off the top and bottom of the screen, please.

Oh! Did they go 6-wide on the homescreen from 5? (I googled images).

You’re right! — I still long for the customizability I had in the early days of jailbreaking (don’t get me started on how my iPhone homescreen is STILL locked into a merely 4-wide grid) but hooray for even just one more column here. World of difference.

Edit: Image!

Yep exactly

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Yep think I posted somewhere asking for this too. I find 3 x 7 is about right ie just a little bit smaller than now to allow a bit more on screen, but ideally they could go for a small med large thumbnail type option or even custom?.

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