Home Screen Customization (Inline Display of Playlists)

First time posting, so let me just say I love the product, and really appreciate what it has done for my home theatre :-]

I’ve checked the documentation, and I’m a little stumped-- is there a way to add content rows to the home screen? I have some smart playlists (DTV Action, RomComs, Godzilla, etc.) set up in Plex (this way they will update as I add new content), and I’d like to be able to browse these from the home screen, the way I can the Recently Added and Top Rated lists. I currently have them selectable with (custom ;-]) icons in the favourites row, but was wondering if this extended customization was possible?


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Welcome to the forum!

This is not available now, but is an interesting idea.

Moving to suggestions.

Thanks for the reply, sorry for posting in the wrong forum, wasn’t sure if this was a feature or not! :o

I also think the home screen could stand to offer greater customization, especially with the recent introduction of playlists. I would love to be able to add a row/module for any number of my custom playlists. This would save the few steps of having to select the library, playlists, then the playlist. This would also offer better exposure of playlists and their included content to family members.

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Yes, I agree this would be a welcome feature.
It certainly would be great if Playlists could be selected directly from the home menu.

Hope you guys @ Firecore could implement this.

Go to Library > Playlist > Select the playlist you want on the home screen and long press > Select either “Add to Favorites” or “Add to Lists”

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Oh, ok thanks for that. Top man.:+1:t2:

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I’ve got this working on Apple TV but I’m not able to do it on iPad / iPhone?

I don’t have the ability to try it on the iOS devices. Sorry.


Unfortunately because of the way that iOS separated by movies and tv shows, playlists could span both categories and be confusing. I personally think that you should get to have playlists on the home page though. Maybe as another tab next to movies and tv shows or something

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I like this idea, maybe move the “Other” choice to be included under the magnifying glass and have just “Movies”, “TV Shows” and “Playlists”.

Infuse 7.0 now supports displaying Playlists on the Home Screen. :slight_smile:

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