Dynamic metadata score/rating for IMDB?

I have Infuse Pro on Apple TvOS and IPad which is linked to my Emby server.

I would like to see either automatic dynamic metadata score/rating from IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes refreshed only (I know the whole refresh can take a lot of time). A lot of Movies/TV series score/rating can constantly change depending on the reviews left.

So implement and add options for scores/rating from various sources. At the moment I have IMDB score.

I don’t know any other provider that has this function, yet.


Infuse will display the rating info provided by the Emby server, and with the upcoming Direct Mode feature this will always be up-to-date with what the server has since the library is not being cached in Infuse. However, I don’t know if Emby periodically updates these scores or if they remain static.

For direct (non-media server) shares, Infuse pulls down updates from TMDB when item details have changed, which could include a rating change.

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