Some thoughts about metadata in Infuse on iPad

I want to discuss some things I have discovered when using Infuse on iPad. First some background.

I use Infuse to stream films from my Emby server but also to sync (download) films to the iPad for watching whilst travelling away from home with poor, or non-existent wi-fi. There are two sections in the Infuse iPad app that I make use of. The streaming section (Home) and the Files section (synced/downloaded).

All the films on my Emby server are in appropriate folders which contain the film (mainly mp4 but could be mkv), subtitles, fanart and poster images. Also an .nfo file containing all the metadata. This .nfo file is created by the Emby server (if the film is an an mp4) or by me (if the film is an mkv).

All the films (except the mkv ones) have embedded metadata and the .nfo file created by Emby server comes from this embedded metadata. (As an aside, my embedded metadata contains, amongst other items, a review I have collated from trusted review sources (NOT RotToms or other non-professional reviews). The other items could be people, parental rating, etc.) It is important to know that there are two relevant fields in the metadata or .nfo file: Description and Tagline. My embedded review is in the Description field.

In the streaming section I have Infuse set up to use embedded metadata for all items and this works just fine. I can see the review I added and the parental rating (but strangely, not the people - but I don’t mind this). If I change the metadata source to online then people do appear, but so also do the RotToms ratings which I don’t want to see. And of course my embedded review cannot be seen either. I am satisfied with all of this as long as I can see my chosen review.

The problem is that there is a difference between the way the metadata is displayed in the streaming and synced sections of the Infuse app.

I copy the entire folder, as described above, to the Infuse folder on the iPad (I use the Mac’s Finder to do this). If the .nfo file is present in this folder, Infuse will not display any metadata at all. Posters and fanart are all ok though. So I delete the .nfo file and choose embedded metadata. But all that appears is the data in the Tagline field. The Description field is not used. If I switch the metadata source to online then a description (from TMDb I think) appears, along with the people, parental rating and that notorious RotToms rating (which I don’t want remember!).

The only way I can get my review to appear is to edit the embedded metadata so that the same data appears in both the Tagline and Description fields. But people and parental rating are missing.

So, if there is a question here it is this. Why do the streaming and synced areas on the iPad work differently?

p.s. Sorry for the long initial description.

Files section onlione metadata:

Files section embedded metadata:

When viewing content stored on a media server (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin) Infuse will use the metadata stored on these servers and will not fetch its own. Things like external artwork and NFO files will also be ignored, as Infuse will rely on the info provided by the server.

If a video is stored locally in Infuse, it becomes detached from the media server and Infuse will gather its own metadata and artwork for these videos. If you have external artwork and NFO files synced as well then Infuse will use these.

If you’re having issues with a specific NFO file can you post it here?

Thank you for your replay and information.

I have tried two slightly different .nfo files which I attach here. This film is an mkv “Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)” in a folder with the same name.

The first one is the one I have created, but nothing from it is used when displaying the film. Even if it is selected in the Edit Metadata menu only a tagline (which is not in the nfo file) is displayed. Also nothing from the file is used. i.e. no parental rating.

The second one is the one created by Emby and contains a lot more detail. This one, when it is in the films folder, stops all metadata from any source from being displayed. Strangely though the parental rating is shown.

movie.nfo (3.2 KB)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).nfo (6.6 KB)