Export Feature: Settings/Metadata/Watched Status


great Product, using Infuse Pro on Apple TV 4 since Release.

  • It would be nice if you could Import/Export your App Settings to a File (for Setting up multiple Infuse in your house or backup purposes).
  • Export the current Metadata for your Collection. If you Change the linked external Metadata inside Infuse and have no iCloud linked, you have to Change all the Movies again if you have to rebuild your Collection, very Time Consuming…
  • Export the current watched/unwatched Status for you Collection to speed up re-setting the Status for many Movies/Episodes. It’s much Faster to do this on a Computer in xml or csv
    A Web-Frontend would work as well where you can click on the Status in a List (not sure if Possible, would be more effort anyway).


Could it be possible to add an option to export all the metadata that the app colects?

If this is already possible and I haven’t managed to get how to do it I would appreciate if you can explained to me.



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I also find this feature as something key. I bought Pro version recently to make use of full integration with iCloud syncing across devices within my family members Apple IDs (Several Apple TVs, iPads and iPhones at home), but it is a pain to fix same items from my huge libraries at home for each of the users (we are four members), so it could be great if I can do it once for an account (which allows syncing on all iOS and tvOS devices using the account via iCloud), and then export the metadata and configuration and afterwards importing it to other accounts…

Another possibility would be to allow writing the metadata directly into the repository where media is kept.

So far, my family is very satisfied with your App (congrats), since it has given a similar experience for local content as we have, for example, with Netflix… but with a huge effort to fix metadata from my side :frowning:

Hello togehter,

it would be great to get a list of all movies and series, so i can export the list (with infos like duration, resolution, soundinfos of every item etc…) in XML or JSON format. With that infos, i can better manage my library. For example i can write a little script to search movies and get some infos…

best regards

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This isn’t available right now, but I’m going to move this over to the suggestions area.

Hi, James
is this feature requeriment already scheduled in the roadmap?

Given the issue we had over the past days with thetvdb, I think could be nice to be able to export the existing metadata from the cloud to storeit locally in the NAS. in that way even we could safely deactivate the automatic retrieving metadata and instead use it locally.



I’m still waiting for this feature. And that couldn’t be a problem. So why is that not possible?

I would like to support this as well! This would be especially helpful for large libraries. Having to index them is a pain as the app needs to be running or the TV needs to be on.

Now, what about this function?

I have all my movies and series on my server (Synology) and would like to have quick access to my Infuse library. So I could write a small program to quickly check which movies & series I already have. Would be much faster & easier than having to go into the Infuse app and search every time.

Also, I don’t understand why we can’t store and manage our entire library/media management directly on the NAS, for example.

Is there really no solution? Can no one tell me where to find the Infuse database so I can copy it for myself?

I am not the only one who is not satisfied with the data management of Infuse and would like to now finally have access to the database!!