Does complete UHD-blu-ray-ISOs playback work?


is Infuse able to playback a complete UHd-blu-ray-ISO?
Or is there any workaround how one can do?

Yes, Infuse can play full UHD ISO or BDMV files without any conversion.

Playing these files will require an Apple TV 4K.

I have an Apple TV 4K.
Always when I want to start a 4K UHD blu-ray ISO I get an error.
I am in Austria, so the error message is german:

“Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten
Beim Laden des Inhalts ist ein Fehler aufgetreten”

What should I do that it will work?
Other 4K Files also with HDR are playing without problems.
I tried different large ISO files (around 80 - 90 GB), but no one did work. Could you please help me?

If you have a chance, would you mind sending in a quick report from your Apple TV after attempting to play one of these files?

Ok, I sent it by email now.

Hello, i have the same issue on my Apple TV 4k. Server is a COREELEC, connection is wireless (fast). Was there a solution for it ?