Questions on playback using Apple TV 4K

Hello Guys,

I have AppleTV 4K (2021) and the Latest version of Infuse. I want to let me know the following:

1- Does Infuse Support DTS-HD MA?
2- Can we do something so the infuse plays the DVD Menu?
3- Something is strange and I don’t know the reason. I have a few Blu-Ray Concerts. Some of them are detected automatically by infuse and when I enter the Folder, it shows the main Picture with details and a play button (Like Movies). Some can’t be detected and when I enter the Folder, It shows all the details and Folders (BDMV, META, STREAM, etc) and I have to enter the STREAM Folder and choose the right m2ts file to play it.
4- How can I play ISO Bu-Ray?
5- Some of my TV Shows and Movies do not have MetaData Artwork unless I add it manually, why?
6- When I play Dolby TrueHD 7.1, it shows me LPCM 7.1 on my AV Receiver, is the quality the same?
7- I have some VP9 and AV1 HDR Files and they can’t be played with HDR. only H265 4K files are played with HDR 10.

I don’t know the answer to every question, but I do for the following:

  1. Yes, it can decode it to LPCM and send it to the receiver. Due to limitations placed by Apple, bitstreaming is (unfortunately) not possible. The audio quality is exactly the same, with the caveat that your AVR might have separate processing settings for different codecs.
  2. Currently this is not possible, but you can follow the request for it here: Blu-ray and DVD menus
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  5. Perhaps the name does not correspond to what’s used on TMDB and/or TMDB does not (that) information for those specific shows?
  6. See 1.
  7. -
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Thank you so much n00by for your reply.
I hope I’ll get my remaining answers.