Do Firecore actually know anything?

According to the Firecore product page “Apple TV 3 update coming soon!”, and on their Twitter “ATV3 update still on progress

So my question is, is there any basis for these statements? Who is working on the ATV3 jailbreak? Has there been any progress? Is there at least a glimmer of hope, but may just take time to do? 

If there has been no progress at all, I think it is wrong for you to make these misleading statements in order to get more sales


bro talk about ungrateful, they give you the freaking software to jailbreak your system for free. Then it’s your option to get the atv flash black or silver because they aren't forcing you to buy it

so  you then decide to buy the flash after receiving the jailbreak for free. firecore goes one step further and offer the upgrade to the atv3 for free and you now state they are misleading you when they are actually saving 30 to 40 bucks



I think the big issue is that people get confused between SeasonPass (the free jailbreaking software) and ATV Flash (the chargeable fireCore applications).   Most people treat these as a single unit which is not unreasonable as having a jailbroken system is a pre-requisite for installing ATV Flash.   However while FireCore develop the ATV Flash software, they only package jailbreaks others produce into SeasonPass (which is why it is free), and one can use alternative jailbreaking software to SeasonPass (if you want to) in conjunction with ATV Flash.

FireCore can develop an ATV3 version of the ATV Flash software in a development environment without actually having a jailbroken ATV3 (except for final testing).   Threfore they can do the work to make sure that ATV Flash will work on the ATV3 and I suspect this is what they ahve been refering to in their blog messages.   FireCore cannot do the same for the ATV3 jailbreak as this is developed outside FireCore although it is in their interest to encourage one being developed as without it the ATV Flash software is useless.   Unfortunately there has not been any good new about jailbreaking the ATV3 that I have seen).

Having said that, I think it would probably make sense for FireCore to add a warning about the fact there is not currently a jailbreak for ATV3 to their web site just to make that clear.   It would also make sense to make it clearer than references to ATV3 mean the current 1080p model sold by Apple as Apple do not call it the ATV3.

itimpi, adjusting the blogposts would be a very good idea. I have complained about the very same thing. The blog posts are misleading, giving people false hope. Followers can also buy an atv3 in advance, anticipating a working aTv Flash update is around the corner for the new device. 




It has nothing to do with being grateful. Firstly, Firecore do not create the jailbreak as mentioned in the previous post - they simply package it to make it easier to use. Are they doing this out of the goodness of their hearts? Maybe. Or maybe its to make the jailbreak easier so people by their flash software. Firecore is a commercial company who charge for their software. Anyone would think by your response that i was having a go at the DEV-TEAM (to whom I have donated over $100 over the years)

You are saying firecore go one step further and offer an upgrade for free - a jailbreak does not (and may not ever) exist for atv3. So I should be grateful that they are offering something which they know may never exist? Agree, fircore aren’t forcing you to buy it, but it is wrong to mislead potential customers into thinking the 1080p/atv3 jailbreak is imminent (which I think their post allude to). 

SO YES I AM SERIOUS! The question was simple - are firecore aware if there been any progress on the ATV3 jailbreak (or is anyone even working on it). If they know what we know (which is that it is not possible at the moment), they they should either make that clear, or not mention ATV3 at all. 

From my perspective, there is a big difference between “AppleTV 3 update coming soon!” and “ATV3 update still in progress”. The first statement gives me the impression an update will be released soon, while the latter is a more accurate description of where we are today.

Personally I would remove the “coming soon” text, because “in progress” is about as definitive as anyone can say today based on all the publicly available information. There are of course three possibilities, someone is working on it and is close, someone is working on it and has no real ETA they can give, or nobody is even trying to JB it (very unlikely IMO). All of those situations fit under the “in progress” statement.

That said, I don’t think we need 100 posts about this. fireCore or any of the JB’s do not need to keep us up to date on their JB progress. It’s unreasonable to expect that, we didn’t pay for the JB so we have no right to complain about their (lack of) communication or when a release will be made.

If you bought a device already hoping a JB would be released soon, well you made an assumption and this time it didn’t work out. If history shows us anything it’s that every device will eventually be cracked open, it’s just a matter of time. I’d say its very unlikely someone isn’t working on a JB, solely for the reason that from everything I’ve read it will be as hard as breaking the first iPhone - and a lot of people would like to be known for doing it first.


Fair comments I think - although IMO if nobody is working on it, then they cant class as in progress (just my opinion though!). I agree devs are under no obligation to provide updates or ETA. At the same time, if firecore don’t know any more than we do, then they shouldn’t give people false hope as clearly people may well buy their software on the back of their comments (I didn’t).

I guess all I really want to know is if somebody IS working on it - if so then I would be happy with that answer as we know there hasn’t been any device which they haven’t been able to crack (i think)

Nothing on that site that suggest any work being done on a atv3 jb.
To the contrary, it looks like pod2g considers it jb proof.

If anyone active, it should be nitotv but also no signs of hm working on it.

Double post. Delete please.

I agree the website is misleading. It suggests that it’s simply a matter of time, so you may as well go ahead and buy your apple tv 3. It’s unreasonable to expect casual observer to understand it may mean many months.



  1. it clearly states the the flash is for the 2nd gen jailbroken apple tv, so how is firecore telling people to go out and buy and apple tv 3.’s only telling you if you buy the apple tv flash black for the apple tv 2 now you will have  access to the flash for the apple tv3 for no additional cost

  1. YOU ARE BUYING SOMETHING FOR THE APPLE TV 2222222 SO EVEN IF THE FLASH TAKES YEARS TO BREAK WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??? YOU ARE USING WHAT YOU PAID FOR ALL OF THAT TIME. I could understand if they were charging more for it, but are they??? it’s the same freaking price


give me a break you guys claim that you contribute hundred of dollars to the cause but now you use a software for “months and months” and when a new version comes out you have instant access to it for free and you complain. jeez!!!

The same one that will be asking for a discount if it wasn’t offered when the new version comes out because you bought the atv2 flash.

Actually no it doesnt - check the page Where does it clearly state that? What is does clearly state in bold is Apple TV 3 update coming soon!

So its ok for them to advertise something which doesnt exist and they have no reasonable grounds to suggest it may exist soon?. Apple had to change the name of the iPad 4G, because it implied 4G capability in the UK depsite the fact that 4G networks do not exists here.

What about the people that bought ATV flash on the back on Firecore’s misleading statement about ATV3 coming soon? Would you be happy if that happened to you? To the average person, does “soon” mean years and years? No. 

Pointless statement. Nobody is complaining that firecore are offering the update for free. The complaint is that they are implying the ATV3 update will be out soon, when in fact they have no idea. 

The original question was do firecore know anymore than we do? Anyway, i think this thread has served its purpose. There may not be an ATV3 update, so if they wish to continue advertising it then its up to them. 

listen jay stop making an argument when there isn’t one to make. if this was a 3rd party website then your argument would have hold. you are on a jailbreaking/technical website so you should know that the flash is for the atv2. it’s not on that page but it’s implied  for the flash to work the unit has to be jail-broken. you are not a 3 year old everyone doesn’t have spell everything out to you. it should be assumed being that u r on a jailbreak site.

Im still not sure what the purpose of this thread was other then you venting over fireCores choice of words on their website.

Do they know more then we do? Obviously, they have connections which give them access to JBs before anyone else, which is evident by them releasing SeasonPass. If you read pod2gs site it’s clear the techniques used in JBs are kept secret and not shared with the public.

Read pod2gs blog, they didn’t even say they had a JB until they’d posted 5-6 working exploits, all which where necessary for a working JB. I’ve always thought of a JB like trying to assault a fortified castle with a spoon. It’s all what ifs and trial and error until you eventually find a weak spot. You cant give estimates on coding like that. Not accurate ones at least.

All they said about the AppleTV3 was no path had been found, meaning his current exploits dont work on it. Your reading into it too much if you took that to mean they aren’t still trying. Anyone who can JB any device has a lot of patience!

If you want to continue to be overly pessimistic and proclaim nobody is working on it then that’s your prerogative, but (imo) you’re lying to yourself.

I’ve decided to close the thread. If you wish to state your claim against the wording use the contact form