When will the jailbreak ATV3?

I bought the ATV3 and have paid the license of ATVFlash Firecorebut I can not do the jailbreak that is only supported for versionATV2.

When will the Seasonpass for ATV3?


I do not believe that anyone has any idea. It is going to depend on how long it takes the jail breaking fraternity to discover a weakness that can be exploited to produce a working jailbreak. So far I have not seen any rumours suggesting anyone has succeeded yet.

Does this include the atv3???

The FireCore software will run on both as they are both running the same version of iOS and will be binary compatible at the software level. I strongly suspect that the screenshot is either from the ATV2 or from the iOS simulator that is normally used during development (unless FireCore have a jailbreak that they have kept quiet about).

I hope they have my atv3 is sat there looking at me every day :frowning:

I have to say, that for a company that is taking people’s money for a product, including one that is not even available yet, Firecore are keeping mighty quiet which is making me more and more sus of their actions every day. I fully understand that it’s only been nearly 2 weeks since ATV3 came out and we are all getting antsy, so for this I am being patient. But I really am expecting some kind of response from them as to their progress that extends beyond those photoshopped twitter pics! I get they are working hard in the background, but seriously take 5 and tell what the fudge is going on already, please!

yer would be nice to no whats going on or telling people with a atv3 eather to sell or keep hold of it that said i am one person of meny who r impressed but what the jailbreak people do and i will just wait and see what happonds we all no what happonds when people start getting nasty and moaning all the the time they just stop what they doing!

Oh that’s funny, I don’t remember seas0nspass costing anything. As for atvflash it still works if your box is jail broken you ungrateful prick. People like you should have your money refunded and be kicked from this website.

*modifying this post as I’m not done with you

You’ve been a member since last year, so clearly you already have a jailbroken box and installed your atvflash onto the box… now your getting pissy about them not keeping you unto date with the developments of 5.1? why do you care? obviously your reselling boxes and this put you out of business… did you pay fire core for each one of those licences when you sold the box? your membership is for unlimited personal uses not for reselling. So on that note you should BOTH apologize to fire core for your BS comment on here how they owe you anything for taking your money that is only supposed to work on the old OS and send them a fat cheque for all the licences you used.

The only one “sus” around here sir is you.

Good day



p.s. http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3418 here is where they keep people up to date with what is happening and they don’t even owe you this.


Gombeek, you are a redneck fuckwit, peckerhead!  So what when I joined this site?  I am a PAYING CUSTOMER like everyone else.  I don’t sell anything you dimwitted moron!  Yes I did JB my first ATV2 and I still own it you retard.  I also bought an ATV3.  And if you had more than the intellect of a 2 year old and the spelling ability of a 5 year old, you would have read in my original post that I have no problem with waiting.  All I ask for is to be better updated.   And posting useless links like the one you did is of no help to anyone,because as my concern stands, Firecore aren’t doing enough to keep people updated.  I expect better from a company that takes your money for a product.  If it was free I wouldn’t have said anything.  So Gombeek, go and take a nice ling walk of a short  pier and die a painful death when you hit the bottom! Loser!

Calm down and don’t need to fight. I know the frustration from everyone out here.

Apple TV 3 and Firmware 5.XX will takes longer or never going to crack due to rock solid firmware.

Man built it man will crack it!


 thought the firmware ran the chip and the software was 5.1


The chip for gen 2 has already been jailbroke all we need is the modified software. If firecore has a beta they should make it available to test. once again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg. Again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg. Again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg. Again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg. Again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg. Again the A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg.

Edited: Just to make it clear…

The A4 has already been jailbroke all we need is a modified dmg.

thx to you its gonna be longer and longer

Updated with what asshole? with their developments on a new atvflash for a new os? even if it was ready yesterday it wouldn’t fucking matter as you can’t load it onto a non jailbroken unit. you paid 1 time, 1 time at a cost of $30 and you think they owe you anything? you ungrateful selfish bastard, the only thing they owe you is an asskicking. hey did mac keep you up to date with the god damm developments on their new os? did they send you a fucking email letting you know about the apple tv 3 prior to the press release? were you even invited to the press release? did they run it past you first before they stopped signing 4.4.4? why don’t you go tell apple off too you fucking loser.

you are the epitome of a douche bag, hope that wasn’t too big a word and as for my spelling being that of a 5 year old, thats odd, my mac auto corrects it as i type. 


Good day




Oh and for those who think they are still selling to people and screwing them over, the minimum requirements are clearly stated on the product description page:


Jailbroken AppleTV w/ software v4.2 - 4.4.4 Mac: OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later PC: Windows XP or later Internet Connection

dumd ass. because of you apple is gonna become a banana

buddy just cause you cant jailbreak your stupid 5.1 ios apple tv dont take it out on others.thats your fucken fault you updated.dont get me started.you P.O.S.

and i hope they never release there updated season pass so fuckers like you that rob honest working peoples money to jailbreak them wont come on here crying anymore.your the kinda guy that never donates to the people that actually have to use there brain.your the one that makes money off of them.you P.O.S


and if you did pay (which i doubt) you paid for atv flash not jailbreak seasonpass.dumbass.


i have a jailbroke atv,. actually i have 3 in the house. Its not my fault you cant jailbreak yours. I just want to jailbreak more so I can make my friends happy. Not only are you a dick, but a fucking dick. Comment on my username is a new low for shit sticks like you. Faggot


I did successfully JB my 5.1, injected ssh and now see the root. All i am waiting for is firecore flash, unless i can install xbmc command line which i am about to try. not sure what the outcome will be but i will soon find out.