Custom Screen Saver Plugin Not Working

So I installed the Custom Screen Saver Settings plugin through NitoTV today but it appears to be suffering from a bug.

I was able to place my folder with my images in the correct location on my AppleTV with SFTP (private/var/root) however when I go to click “Select Folder” in the custom settings menu… nothing shows up under root. Not even the Media and Library folders are there.

Here are two images to show what I’m talking about…


SSH to the directory and make sure it’s permissions are correct.  Fixing permissions should solve this issue, as well as a similar issue many users are experiencing when trying to customize the NitoTV Main Menu Slideshow.


Thanks man! That was the issue!

I’ve done this, and finally the images are showing on the root screen.  However, they aren’t showing in my screensaver.  


What now?



Could you explain how to fix the permissions? I am having the same problem.

I’ve fixed the permissions, and the files are now showing in the settings screen (they weren’t doing that before).  


However they won’t run with the screensaver.  Both when the screen saver starts, and when I “preview” I just get a black screen with no images.





Could you explain to me how to fix the permissions?

I, ive just setting my apple tv with fire core and flash black from my account and i don’t see ‘‘custom settings menu’’ for customizing my aTV…


Please help


PS sorry for my english, i’m a french person…