No More Custom Screen Saver

Has anyone figured out how to make the custom Screen Saver work? Can no longer select a custom folder on the AppleTV after uploading your own picture collection through SSH you can’t navigate past root and shows nothing in root.

NitoTV > Install Software > Screensaver Settings 

Settings > Custom Settings > Screensaver Settings > Select Folder

Did you ever get this figured out?

Not yet still won’t allow me to select a folder.

I was able to get this working in the past on the old UI, but not the new one.

If you guys are using the old AppleTV UI (before iOS 5.1), I recommend downloading Cyberduck for Macs or Filezilla on Windows for transfer your files. It’s a hell of a lot easier than using terminal. You can connect to your AppleTV with SFTP:

server - AppleTV IP address
user - root
password - alpine

Once connected you can place your photos anywhere, but the default folder for the screensaver settings is /var/root/ so personally I just placed my folder with my screensaver in there. After that you need to apply permissions to those folders otherwise the screensaver settings won’t be able to access them. SSH into your AppleTV via terminal (or whatever on Windows) by typing:

ssh root@<AppleTV IP Address>

And the password is alpine.

Once connected type:

sudo chmod 777 -R /var/root

This will apply read/write permissions to all (so the AppleTV should be able to browse to that folder just fine with the custom screensaver settings)


From there you should be good to go. Unfortunately though I have found the custom screensaver settings is no longer available for the AppleTV 2 with the new UI (iOS 5.1). If anyone knows anything about how/when it will be coming back… please let us know!

Are you just trying to use your own photos for the screensaver? In iTunes on your computer you can share a photo folder, once you do that it will show up on the AppleTV as a photo library for screen savers.

This is for pre-5.0 but the steps are the same:


NOPE! Because I want the slideshow to work as a stand alone box (upload the photos to the appleTV) so it can still play the slideshow without having to shared with a local computer on a local network through iTunes.  But for some yes… your idea would work.

Did you try applying permissions like I said DJMic?

I was under the impression that when you do this, it copies all the photos on to the AppleTV. But I could be wrong!

Nope. That works dynamically depending on what’s on your computer. It doesn’t get stored locally on the ATV.

Just an idea but maybe you can go into the folders where the images are stored for the (stock) National Geographic, Animals, or Flowers screensavers and replace the pictures inside with your own?






What I did instead was create a private Flickr gallery, this makes it easy for me (or anyone I authorize) to update its content. And then I set that gallery as my screensaver…

I’ve been thinking, it sure would be nice if there was a way to set up a custom RSS photo feed as a screensaver.   Once MobileMe is retired, I wonder what Apple will do for ATV users, remove that item entirely?  Replace it with something iCloudy?  

I agree, the notion of leaving a computer on, to serve up screensaver pics to these ATV devices seems silly to me.


In the meantime, here’s another cool trick I came across, that’s working brilliantly:

Set up Flickr “interesting” or groups photos – as your ATV2 screensaver.

It seems on 5.3 the folder path has changed.

The new paths are: Applications/

I just replaced the originals with my own photos and it works :-)