Nito TV Main Menu Slideshow

Hi all!


I am having trouble locating the folder to select my pictures for the Nito TV Main Menu Slideshow.

I have followed the instructions in a YouTube video which says to place them in the main private/var/root directory. Whenever I go there it’s empty.

It seems other were experiencing the same thing but no one got an answer.


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance!

SSH to the directory and make sure it’s permissions are correct.  That should fix it! :wink:

Head to /private/var

chmod 0755 root

Worked for me :slight_smile:

I can see the folders fine, but main menu slideshow settings can’t seem to select anything…just drills down into folders with no “select” option anywhere.  In the last folder I just get images.  I have to back out and it’s stuck with the default flowers setting.  What am I doing wrong?