Apple TV - Atmos sound - The Definitive Question!

So a lot appears to have been discussed on this subject and I know there are various posts explaining what Apple TV 4K can and cannot do in terms of decoding various sound formats.

The question I have is this:

Imagine you have an Atmos capable system in terms of sound (ie an amp/receiver that can process Atmos in its spec and 7.1 speakers installed to go with it).

You have an 4K Apple TV to stream movies … and of course you use the latest Infuse app to do so.

You rip your BluRay movies onto a high quality NAS.

For the very best sound output - ie high definition, spatial, Atmos surround that blows your ears away! - which of the following ripping options would be the best option:

TrueHD 7.1 - Atmos or DTS-HD 7.1 - Atmos or DD 5.1 (No Atmos)

I understand and have read repeatedly that Apple TV4K can process DD+ well … so that might suggest the DD5.1 would be best but then it’s not Atmos and only 5.1 channels.

Or would I get a more impressive and immersive sound choosing one of either TrueHD 7.1 Atmos or DTS-HD 7.1 Atmos … given these are 7.1 channels? I think if I’ve understood Apple TV restrictions correctly that the Atmos container would not be passed through sadly … but I would still benefit from 7.1 via Infuse uncompressing and passing 7.1 channels to my amp.

So is the question that I’d be choosing between 7.1 no Atmos (through TruHD or DTS) and 5.1 DD (a format which Apple TV likes directly)

Which is preferable??

Welcome to the forum!

The answers to your question could probably be as many as we have users. It’s going to be largely based on personal preferences.

Probably the best answer would be for you to choose a movie and rip it using each of the options you listed and then make your choice based on personal preferences and how much time you want to invest in ripping.

With the variety of different audio components and encoding methods there’s no one “always best” solution so pick what suits you best. :wink:

Just remember, if there was one true always “best” option there would be only one choice out there.

With HD lossless options, you can still have your receiver upmix the height effects and in general that works well for me.

In that case, go for lossless audio. Infuse support that up to 7.1. You can always save a DD 5.1 version as well, but it shouldn’t really be necessary.