HD Audio Question


I recently purchased apple TV 4K and also infuse 5 Pro.

I was under the impression it plays HD Audio but amp. Just display pcm for all audio tracks.

Can we have a setting to bitstream the audio to the amp and let the amp handle the signal? That way it should handle all audio formats that your amp can handle.

If not then would we also be seeing dtsx and atmos?

Amp: Yamaha RXA-3050


Not possible. It’s an Apple TV limitation.
Unless you need Atmos, then it makes no difference to sound quality.

I do need atmos and dtsx.

Can kodi do it if it’s side loaded onto apple tv 4k? If it can then its not a limitation as in bitstream mode the signal is just sent to amp to deal with.

No, nothing can do it on the ATV4K. We’re waiting for the update to add Atmos to see if it changes anything.

Thanks for your reply,

I will hold off on the atmos update. For. Now I will stick with my hdi dune solo4k and the newer model when it arrives.