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Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place.
I have read this post…

I totally get that Infuse can’t do full Atmos due to device limitations.
Where I am lost is the settings I should have on my AVR(Denon) to get 7.1 audio as I only seem to get 5.1 when setting the denon AVR to Pure/Direct. There is definitely nothing coming out of the front height (Atmos speakers when using the Shield) speakers.

Do I need to alter the assignment of the speakers on the Denon…or in the Denon’s case should I be setting it to Movie mode? This only seems to offer Multi-Channel in (again only 5.1) or multi in and Dolby or Multi in and Neural-X (both the latter give sound from all speakers but I assumed are both just Pseudo surrround.)

Sorry if it’s a dumb question. But coming from the plug and playness of the Shield I’m really confused.

Which receiver model?

Sounds like maybe 2 issues here. One is you are expecting 7.1 but getting 5.1. Second you want all speakers firing even if only 5.1??

And do you have Apple TV audio set to Auto?

And Apple TV is plugged into receiver not tv, right?

Yep. It’s a TrueHD/Atmos 7.1 track and plays fine as Atmos on the Shield. Tried several movies.
Maybe it’s my misunderstanding but I did expect to get TrueHD as LPCM without the Atmos layer, but in Pure mode on the Denon all I ever get is only 5.1
The model is the X2400-H if I recall (as I’m at work)

I don’t know what I should be expecting to be honest as I have never seen LPCM show up on the receiver. So beyond the fact I only seem to get 5.1 sound in pure mode I’m probably just missing something. I admit to being relatively new to both Infuse and the Apple TV.
I will check on the Auto mode you mention but off the top of my head I only saw (Auto,Atmos Available) or DD5.1

Should it simply say auto or auto/Atmos available. Again. Sorry for the silly questions. I just really have to get away from the Shield.

What is your speaker setup? Is it 7.1.2 or 5.1.2? If it’s 5.1.2 it’ll ignore the top speakers and you’ll get 5.1 output. This is how my Sony receiver works.

As for sound setting a you can use multi-in. Using pure/direct will bypass any onboard processing and is typically only used if you have a preamp or other processor in the chain.

Using movie mode might apply some fake atmos upscaling. Not sure how denon handles that.

I have 7.1.2. On my denon 4500 I see PCM 7.1 input source. I have Movie mode “Multi In + DSur” enabled which will upconvert to include Height speakers from stereo, 5.1 or 7.1. If you use “Multi Ch In 7.1” it will leave the signal as is with room correction and optionally dynamic volume/dynamic eq. Use this if you don’t want virtual height effects. Direct will not apply those extra items.

For ATV settings choose Auto,Atmos Available.

You will have to set a sound mode for each input and sound type.

Thanks for the input everyone. Im far clearer on what I should be expcting now.
As a side note my ATV 4K (2021) arrived today. Just wow to that remote. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m running an ATV 4K 2021 model with TVOS 15 beta on it and was surprised to see that Atmos plays - it scrolls the Dolby Atmos display on my Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar.

What a nice surprise!

Lossy Atmos has worked with the 1st gen 4K for quite awhile now.

Well Plex certainly doesn’t trigger Atmos on my soundbar so Infuse is definitely an improvement for me :slight_smile:

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