Simplify Codec Descriptions such as for Opus and AV1

I think some of the codec descriptions/names could be simplified to improve readability and the visual presentation. For example Opus is named „Opus (Opus Interactive Audio Codec)“ and AV1 is tagged as „Alliance for Open Media AV1“, maybe there are more cases like this.

I suggest to simplify them to „Opus“ and „AV1“ as I think the additional text does not provide valuable information, in the contrary in case of Opus it increases the scrolling time of audio tracks in the media player, before the name of the track becomes visible, which could provide valuable information such as identifying a commentary track. It would also align the presentation with that of other codecs that are described in a short and precise way (e.g. AAC, HEVC, H.264, FLAC etc.).

It’s a minor point but personally I would see this as an improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Changing the format for specifically OPUS audio tracks would help a lot as track names on tvOS basically can’t be seen. on macOS i can still see them but I still think using the acronym AND the official title is redundant + opus becomes non-functional on tvOS. i was thinking:

English: Main Audio Track Name (OPUS 5.1)

that is the order of their information to most important (language) to least important (format and channel number) and it makes the track names readable again on tvOS and a bit more readable elsewhere

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and to see how this functions on iOS, well, track names just don’t function there :sweat_smile:

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Good idea, I agree with your hierarchy for track information, Language being the most important, then the title (if present) and finally the technical specification in the form of the codec and channel information.

Today’s 7.7.2 update improves the appearance of VP9, AV1, and Opus codecs.

If you have existing video which show the old descriptions, you can update these by using the Edit Metadata option (on individual videos) or the Clear All Metadata feature (to update all videos).


I already installed the update and am very happy with the changes! Thanks a lot for listening to our feedback! :v:

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