Show current time and movie end time

Yeah this would be great. So many apps already do this. It’s frustrating that infuse doesn’t.

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Don’t get your hopes too high. It’s only 2 years since the original request…

In most other Apps; Netflick, YouTube, if you single click on the Siri remote when the scrubber line is showing the times swop from time position and remaining time to the real end time. Is there a way this could be implemented in Infuse please.

Many thanks

I would love to be able to see what time the movie/show end when pausing similar to Kodi


I support this!

Like Netflix or hbo does, if you tap one time it shows time to end (49 minutes) but if you tap again it shows the real time of ending (14:40) depending the real time

Hi there!

During video playback, the progress bar on the Apple TV displays the hours/minutes elapsed and the hours/minutes remaining during video playback when the remote’s trackpad is tapped. I’ve noticed most video apps on Apple TV (like Netflix, Hulu) have the added ability to toggle the progress bar during playback to show a clock-style progress bar that shows time started (like 10:02 am) and time ending (ending at 11:59 am). You toggle this during video playback by tapping once on the trackpad to bring up the progress bar and then tapping quickly again to switch it to a time based bar.

Is this a functionality that Infuse could incorporate on a future release? Or is has Apple limited it to certain apps (like other Apple TV features like Siri)?



Would be very nice to have an estimate end time along with the movie or show length.
In that way I could easily know at what time I would finish to watch my movie, instead of watching what time is it and do the calculation. I know I’m lazy… :smile:


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Nice Idea.
Kodi has this future since years

If you download a movie or show to your phone or tablet and then stream it do your Apple TV (I know it’s not practical)
It will show the estimated time and the current time like its supposed to. I thought this was a feature embedded into Apple TV but I guess not.

It is embedded in the native player. With custom players developers can choose to keep it (PLEX) or remove it (INFUSE).

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