Plex integration with Trakt scrobbling

Hey all,

I noticed that when switching to the Plex integration (instead of SMB) Trakt scrobbling stopped working.
Is it planned to also integrate scrobbling when Plex integration is used? Or is it maybe a bug that it’s not working?

I’m asking because my setup consists of a Nvidia Shield TV as a Plex Server (and SMB host). Unfortunately
the Trakt addon can only be installed when the Shield TV is rooted which I’d rather not do.

Also I’d like to express that I’m very happy with the latest update! Infuse just works great with any
video file I want to watch. Finally the power of the Apple TV 4K can be put to good use =)



We disabled Trakt syncing for Plex shares in this release, as often times people will have Trakt set up via Plex and having Infuse scrobble the same items could result in duplicates in Trakt.

However, we’ll likely be adding this back as an option for an upcoming version.

Hey James,

thanks a lot for your fast reply.
I completely understand that it wouldn’t make much sense if Trakt scrobbling is already running on the Plex server.

Looking forward to that option in a future release!

I have the trakt addon on my Plex server, so my main issue is that I can’t rate any tv show or movie after seeing them directly on Infuse.
It would be great to implement that/


I don’t like at all Plex integration with Trakt.
This is only possible if you’re the owner of the server.
If connected to a friend’s remote server, you can’t update your Trakt profile.
Having the opportunity, for example with a switch as the current scrobbling option, would be fantastic, and everybody could decide if it’s plex or infuse who updates the profile.

Enabling Trakt scrobbling/syncing and ratings for Plex shares is something we are currently working to add for the upcoming 5.7.2 release. :slight_smile:

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Hey James,

I‘m very happy to hear that! I think a lot of people will appreciate to have this feature :slight_smile:


Please note that It is possible to sync each user connected to a given Plex server to their respective Trakt account.

This can be managed over here : Configuration - trakt (for Plex)

I have used it for a few years and it did work perfectly with 4 users (I stopped using Trakt altogether a few months ago)

With the latest version of Infuse I’m now able to use Trakt scrobbling in combination with Plex shares, thanks a lot @Firecore!!! smile

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