New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

Ok, got it.



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I still think a good 1080p Blu-ray can have great picture quality. And HDR is great in the right circumstances, but so is SDR. I think it still looks good.

But yeah, when I’m using the main TV, you can be sure I’ll choose the 4K HDR version if I have it.


I would like to have the hint when a collection is not complete. e.g. I have all “Kevin alone” movies, but I don’t have “Kevin’s Cousin”. Then it would be great if Infuse could show that. I do notice when the titles are numbered, but with movies that are not numbered, it happens that I miss that there was or is something new or that I have forgotten something.

Is there a timeline for when this might go live or into beta? This is a game changer.


Welcome to the forum!

You can track the available timelines for new features here.

We may have something ready to beta test as early as next week. :crossed_fingers:


Congratulations for the decision about using a new direct mode instead of indexing everything upfront. Sync is too slow for my library and is always resetting itself. Currently I almost use Infuse only for 4K DV movies, navigating directly to a network shared folder. I was using it less and less, to the point of thinking about unsubscribing. Not anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use Plex. Beside “Continue Watching” I have several Collections/Smart collections with unwatched content pinned to my Home Screen, catering to my tastes. Things like “Top picks” (with favorite shows prioritizing recently watched ones), “Box Office Ranking 2023” (manually ordered), “British TV Shows” (ordered by release date), “More TV” (random unwatched shows), “Law & Order Series”, “Star Trek”, “Recent Action Movies”, “Recent RomComs”, “Classic WWII movies”, “Scandi Noir”, etc. This kind of thing. I’m always creating and tweaking smart collections to present different kinds of content in the Home Screen, so a “replicate Plex Home Screen” option would be wonderful.

Support for Smart Lists, Smart Collections, etc. Ordering overrides would be a nice touch.
Same filtering and ordering capabilities Plex has.
Easy selection and navigation of different libraries.

Yes, all the time


I havent been this excited since… I cant even remember! PUMP OUT THAT UPDATE!

Hey James, any chance you know if this new DIRECT connect will allow tv show collections as well? If I read the initial post that would be a yes (I have 1 movie collection and 1 tv show collection that are set to show on my homescreen)… im hoping it will also fix the collection order bug that has been present.

And the other feature that would be great is the multi version play option that you have only available when directly connecting to content.

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I’ll pile on here to the feedback that this would be a massive improvement. I am a Plex user with a very large library on my Synology. Unlike the Plex app for Apple TV, Infuse actually plays content back reliably, and has proper Dolby Vision support and HD audio. But, Infuse doesn’t feel like a Plex client at the moment. It feels like an app that has Plex support.

Plex “direct” mode would make Infuse a fantastic alternative to the default Plex app, with better support for different audio and video formats.

In summary – yes, please. As soon as possible :smiley:


It’s touted for next week in beta. IF that means it’s initially a TestFlight release then you will need to sign up asap.

Testflight invites normally go out on Fridays.

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And don’t forget you need to submit an annual or lifetime receipt. Beta testing is not available to monthly subscriptions.

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I don’t quite understand what will be the difference between this new direct mode and the way things are at the moment. Can someone explain it please?

Got it! I have purchased a lifetime Infuse Pro license and have the receipt handy, so I just signed up. I have been a TestFlight member with Infuse before, but seem to have fallen off the list. Hopefully I’ll get in so I can start testing the Plex Direct feature :slight_smile:

My understanding is that it treats the Plex/Emby/Jellyfin server’s library as the canonical library for Infuse, rather than syncing the library from the server to Infuse. This means you are “directly” browsing your media within your media server, and Infuse is using the server’s metadata to populate its navigation.

For those of us with large libraries using Plex, upon launching Infuse, any new content doesn’t show up until Infuse syncs with Plex, which takes a while. It also often runs out of space on the Apple TV and has to purge and then resync, which takes even longer.

This will be a godsend for me :slight_smile:


Hopefully they can improve on the UI as well, sure i like how Apple like things look but its not very functional, and it is a pain to navigate.

This sounds really great, can’t wait. :innocent:

Will this update/upgrade fix splitted video (cd1 and cd2)?


Got it. Thanks for the explanation.

Hey James :wink:
I haven’t entirely understand what this „Direct Mode“ exactly means?

If I have a Plex-Server I currently can connect to it and already see the Content in the Infuse Library.

But what’s the Goal of this „Direct Mode“?

And it takes a few seconds/minutes to sync the changes from Plex depending on how much media you have?

With direct mode there will pretty much no delay.

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