Fade Watched Films / Watched Indicator

Letterboxd.com has an effective and visually pleasing, unobtrusive way of distinguishing watched movies. There’s a setting called “Fade watched films” that fades (darkens) the cover art so that only the unwatched ones stand out. When you hover over the faded movie, the cover art is shown is full brightness. I would love something similar to this to replace the current watched indicator design in Infuse.

See attachment for screenshot of implementation in Letterboxd.


+1 this looks awesome, would love to have this as an option.

This is a great idea. This is the type of feature that’s only small but makes a big difference - exactly what infuse is good at.

Love the idea ! Looks good too.

I like this idea also. The library just get too confusing with a large library.

Another idea
On the main screen, a button that would hide/show all watched material. I would like to browse only items I have not watched. Currently I move things to another folder and do not include that folder in the library. But it would be nice to have everything in the library, and just not see it. I realize there is the unwatched section but that groups everything movies/TV together.

Then I could show all items if I have a guest that may want to look through all of my library. Currently, I would have to reload all images and metadata if I re-add the folder containing watched items.

+1 like this idea.

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