System-wide hide watched items

Would be great if you guys could include a filter to only show unwatched movies / series in my collection.


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You can go to “Library” > “Movies” > Select “Unwatched”
and “Library” > “TV Shows” > Select “Unwatched”

Thank you for your reply :blush: that’s not exactly what I‘ve meant. I‘d love to have a possibility to hide all watched movies on the first page of infuse on Apple TV… so I could still see my genre lists… all unwatched sci fi movies, the unwatched Horror Movies List… and so one… maybe this view could group watched movies into a separate list, like a watch again list or something similar.

Gotcha, moved to suggestions. :wink:

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Yeah that’s also a feature I’m missing. That would be really great

Hi guys,

Is it possible to get a “Hide Watched” option.? This would be especially useful in the new library view where i don’t really want to see all of the Tv shows that i have on my NAS, just the new ones i haven’t seen yet…


It would be great if there was a setting to hide watched items in the settings menu. That way every time you went back to a playlist you wouldn’t have to scroll through it to find the spot where you left off. Also, you could have it only play unwatched videos if you selected shuffle play. I have a folder with short films that I would like to play randomly and not have it play ones that I have already seen. I also have some older tv shows that I like to watch randomly and have to constantly skip the ones it already played when using shuffle play.