Enable sound output through USB

 Hi to evryone @FieCore,

I have your product and love it : it works quite well now :slight_smile:

I would have one request though : do you think there is a way to enable the sound to be redirected to the USB port ? I am asking because the only thing that bothers me in the AppleTV is the fact that it’s optical sound output is limited to 44.1khz (maybe 48khz…). 

I have bought several HD music in 96khz (or even 192khz but I’m asking too much here I guess). And I would love to play those in their full sample rate. Maybe the redirection of sound over USB would allow me to connect my AppleTV to a good external DAC (I have an eye on the Arcam rDAC that has an asynchronous USB input licensed by dCS !!!). 


Do you think it’s possible to get that somehow ? MacOsX allows you to do so… why wouldn’t it be possible to do it on an AppleTV which is MacOsX based ? 





 I'll pass this along as a feature request. :)

 Hi Max,

Thanks a lot for that... As it is possible to do this on a regular MacOx, I think it should be feasible on the dedicated AppleTV OS. 

At least I hope it is possible to do it to circumvent the 44.1/48khz sound output limitation, which is the only reason why I am planning to change my AppleTV for something else. 

Please let me know how things evolve for this request. 





same question USB -> DAC