Higher Resolution Audio (24/96)


Hooking the Apple TV up to a decent DAC (via the digital SPDIF) can provide a high quality music server. However, as I understand it, the Apple TV is limited to output 16/44.1 audio via it’s digital output - that’s equivalent to CD standard. There are however a lot of higher resoltion/quality releases available on SACD or DVD-A that are either 20 or 24 bit rather than 16 bit of a CD.

Is there any way to allow the ATV to output at these higher resolutions? I know this si possible on the Mac Mini with a little tweaking, and there’s nothing in the hardware of the ATV that limits this. I also know that iTunes will happily sync the higher rez recordings to the ATV - it just downscales them to 16/44 when playing.

Any thoughts on this?