ATV Flash Black redundant?


I used this the other day to install XBMC and NitoTV after just using Seas0npass, both installed just fine and was able to use the fusion installer from XBMChub which added in all addons, this made it a lot easier than the manual approach and could all be done from my laptop.


So as a result is ATV flash black worth using from now on if you only want XBMC installed?

ATV Flash only provides an easy way of installing 3rd party applications and its own Media Player application. Ergo if you only want XBMC then no there really isn’t a need.


Now that isn’t to say that everyone is technologically competent or comfortable SSHing into their Apple TV to install the content.


Yes i would still find a need for ATV Flash, it makes loading everything on a lot easier after jailbreaking plus makes updating a breeze.

I don’t use XBMC or Plex i only use the ATV Flash Media Player   8)

I recently renewed my atvflash subscription. Although I am a *nix administrator who works primarily in terminal, the time saved using ATVFlash for upgrading apps and backing up firmwares is awesome. Although I’ve been the biggest XBMC fanboy for years, I’ve switched to using Firecore’s media player almost exclusively since I got ATVFlash.

The truth is, these are all unexpected perks. I originally bought ATVFlash just to support Firecore for developing the free Seas0pass jailbreak. With each new update, however, my puny investment has paid for itself tenfold. Consider ATVFlash highly recommended from one of the most miserly people you’ll ever meet.