Download is not available after purchase

I purchased aTV Flash yesterday, and I’m still not able to see the file in the Downloads section. I’ve been trying to reach you guys via Phone, and I submitted a support ticket, and left a voicemail, but nobody is answering the phone, and I haven’t received any response. It says you will get the download immediately, but that was not the case. Support says they will get back to you within 24 hours, but so far I haven’t received anything. It is almost like nobody is managing this company. PLEASE repond to my Support ticket, or allow me to download the file. 

I appreciate your time, and I hope this post is finally read.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry about that. I’ve just responded to your PM.



Thanks for your help.

Me too, everything the OP said.  EVERYTHING.




Rock on, Thanks for the quick response!