Apple Vision Pro

I’m here for the obligatory “Bring Infuse to Apple Vision Pro” lol… :smiley:


A fuction to view videos on a vr headset?

With an option to turn head tracking off.

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Just wondering if VR features are in the Infuse 5 Pro for IOS?

None that I’ve heard of or seen mentioned on the forum.

Honestly, not sure what VR features would be in Infuse.

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With the popularity of 360 cameras and the amount of 360 photos/videos being made and myself having access to one, is FireCore planning on supporting the viewing of 360 media?

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I know it’s too early, but I really do hope you guys are ready when Apple releases their VR headset, or at least shortly after.
I’ve been watching movies on Oculus in a VR theater environment and its absolutely amazing, the quality though…
I’m sure Apple is going to do something incredible in terms of image fidelity, so you guys will mostly be the only reason I may buy one of those headsets when the time comes.

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I have a lot of VR videos, which are distributed left and right, please support, you can identify and play by the VR of the file name. The play method can refer to this 360° VR of YouTube, 360° VR Spacewalk Experience | BBC HOME - YouTube
Or 180° VR from pxrnhub

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With speculation running high on the release of an Apple AR/VR headset and the developer conference coming in a few days this sounds like a natural addition to Infuse.

Could be a really neat device,

but what operating system is the headset going to operate on?


It’s obviously going to require entirely new input devices (Minority Report gloves or hand tracking cameras or whatever), and I’m not sure there’s much point to watching 3D VR on a 2D screen (as adding playback support for existing Infuse applications would) … and navigating panoramic videos on YouTube or iPhone never felt like anything more than an often annoying gimmick to me (and I’m the type of guy who watches a lot of action sports videos shot with 360° cams) — but obviously that’s just this one guy’s opinion.

Perhaps the new headset will be able to play a 2D movie and make it look as if you are watching it from inside a car at a drive-in theater?

Might not Infuse need to make a whole new OS version of Infuse that runs on the headset?

This is … odd.

So, you get the headset, and take your meetings in augmented reality.

She’s the only one wearing a headset. Can you image going to a meeting and trying to talk to someone wearing one of those?

You missed the part where you video yourself without the headset and that’s what is superimposed over your face instead of the goggles. Too creepy. LOL


:flushed:You’re kidding. This from the company that brought us Animoji?

Again, REAL creepy.

OMG! That’s just a picture on a display facing outward!!!


Oh, yeah. My static unblinking stare is exactly the sort of thing to put people at ease. Yikes.

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At 1:50:00 it goes into how they pull this off.

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If we wanted to start fundraising we might be able to raise $3500 for James by next year :grimacing:

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Is that before the QMS TV or after?


Was just thinking how, to pay for a pair, I could get away with living in a smaller house, since I wouldn’t need such big TVs anymore.

Maybe something like one of those Japanese hotels or the berthings Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich had while flying to Fhloston Paradise.

Refrigerator box under an overpass with an AC outlet close?

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