Zooming in with the iPhone X/Xs notch

For iPhone X/Xs, Infuse needs to shrink the area of the zoomed view a little bit so content isn’t cut off by the notch and curved corners.

Right now the default view on Infuse on the iPhone X/Xs is the make it so the top and bottom of the movie matches the top and bottom of the iPhone’s display.

This is perfect for normal 1.78:1 content, but for movies that are shown in widescreen ~2.35:1 there is a lot of unused black screen. If you want zoom in, however, it tries to fit the movie into the entire display and will expand the image into the curve corners and behind the notch.

There should be an in-between option to maximize screen use without blocking some of the picture. I hope it’s possible. Thanks.

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Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks!

Considering that it is looking like all new iPhones are going to have notches and no TouchID (flagship at least), getting this fixed on iPhone X/Xs/Max/XR should be a priority. Watching a video with an aspect ratio greater than 16:9 window boxed inside the notch or with the notch and corners being cutoff shouldn’t be the only options. On all full screen phones it should play to the notch by default and then expand to full screen. This behavior is how nearly every video player I’ve ever seen on the new iPhones handles video, including Apple’s player. Does nobody at Firecore have an iPhone with FaceID? If you do, doesn’t it bother you having all that blank screen between the notch and end of the phone and the video?
With a 2.35:1 video there is about 8mm between the notch and the edge of the video and 14mm between the edge/bottom of the phone and the video.
It does look like you can get ti to play to the notch if you specify the aspect ratio in the video settings but it still leaves blank space at the side/bottom.
It would be nice the video shifted and expanded automatically to fill the full width between the notch and the side/bottom of the phone.

They added this feature a while ago. Tap the gear icon and select the aspect ratio of the film.

Thanks Firecore.

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