Zooming in Media Player plus...

Don’t get me wrong, I love Media Player already. The following are just suggestions that would make it perfect.

  1. Zooming : It would be great to have a facility, like XBMC, to zoom videos that have too low a resolution to play full screen. I don’t really like watching movies surrounded by a thick black border.

  2. Subtitles - I’ve read that this will be part of an upcoming release

  3. Better support, if possible, for WMV files.

  4. Zooming and panning on still images

Thanks for the suggestions.

#2 + 3 are being addressed as we speak, and I'll pass along the idea for zooming.


A Zoom function would be great. Playback of .dvdproj packages works well, but i also have a thick black border around the movie on my Full HD screen.