Zero audio on any video

Hello, thanks in advance for any help! 

Set up is a ATV2, wired into an ASUS RT-N56U router, streaming from a Buffalo Linkstation NAS, also wired in, or occasionally from a Macbook Pro, wirelessly. 

When I first got Infuse everything worked great.  Then suddenly video files stopped playing audio. I saw that there was a new version of Infuse so updated that but it made no difference.  

I have tried everything I can think of, and everything I can find from trawling this forum.  Unplugged everything, rebooted, etc.  Tried all configurations of Dolby Digital enabled and disabled.  Tried MKVs, AVIs, MP4s.  

No audio whatsoever on anything.  

However when I play music from the same sources through Infuse, audio plays no problem.  

Has anyone got a clue what to do as it's driving me crazy!  

Anyone got any ideas of what I might even try to fix this issue?  Many thanks to anyone with a suggestion!  

Sorry about that.

Can you run the video through MediaInfo and open a support ticket with the specs?

This is the best option for tracking down issues like this.

OK will do. Thanks James.

OK will do. Thanks James.

Hey !

Have you got some news for your bug ?

I Have exactly the same thing ! Just videos and no sound, but audio is ok in Menu of my ATV 2.


No, nothing yet. I submitted a report on it a while back but haven’t heard anything. Still watching silent movies!

Was just wondering after the latest update is there anything new coming for the ATV that might help sort this issue? I’m in the crazy position of being unable to get sound streaming directly from the NAS which is wired straight into the router. But able to get sound on the exact same file streaming from the same NAS wirelessly to the ipad and then wirelessly back to the ATV.

I ve got the exact same problem. It is driving me nuts. Sorry I can’t be of any help at this time. I hope that more people speak up on this in order to get this resolved.

I have updated to all the latest goodies on my ATV2, and I just give up on surround sound. I play the same file using the Apple player, I get surround sound. I play it through Infuse, no dice. Stereo works of course, but kinda defeats the purpose of my shiny new Sonos Surround setup. I had this problem before my Sonos, I had it after. Not sure what the heck is going on. BTW my other ATV2 plays surround just fine.