YouTube: subsciptions error

When logged into my Youtube account and selecting Subscriptions I get a message
“unable to contact Youtube…”. Which does not make sense since I was just watching
some Youtube videos. I can view my list of Favorites okay. But, I can not view
a list of my Subscriptions without the ‘error’ message appearing.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Do you by chance have the ‘ATVFiles’ item installed through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu?

Thanks for the quick response. I checked today and I do have the ATV files (beta) installed and it is the latest update.

Ok, you may try removing it (highlight ATVFiles and press right arrow button to uninstall).

Okay, I removed the Atv files. restarted Finder. Still no Subscriptions. Favorites are still available though. Reinstalled ATV files. restarted Finder. No change.

Are either the Hotspot Shield or Tunnelblick apps enabled in the Maintenance → Settings menu?

Both, Hotspot Shield and Tunnelblick, apps were enabled. I uninstalled them…rebooted the Apple TV and no change.