You may experience slow or choppy playback

I am always getting this error: You may experience slow or choppy playback when videwing this video on the AppleTV.

The files I am trying to watch are brrip xvidhd 720p with AC3 audio. The file size is 2.3GB for a standard length movie.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This error will appear when attempting to play HD formats that are not eligible for hardware decoding.

We’re hoping to improve Xvid support in a future version, but for now MKV/h.264 formats will be your best option.

Well, I do not think this is a hardware issue because XBMC usually does fine on these files, eventhough their rendering is choppy when using the media player…

Same problem over here, MKV files are perfect, mpg files slow and choppy playback. Any solution yet?

If you can send in a bug report we can work to track down what’s going on.

I have the same problem with 1080P mpeg2 video.

I’m not sure if this problem is related, but when viewing ISO and MKV files (maybe others as well), There a bit of jitter like the framerate is not quite right. It’s best seen in shots when the camera is moving from one side to the other. It’s like there’s missing a few frames every second, or the ATV is correcting sync once or twice every second or so…

Hard to explain…


Streaming from a Windows PC btw. and there is no problem when viewing the files on the PC.

We’re seeing a bit of this here as well, and are looking into it.

Stay tuned.

Was this issue resolved with the aTV Flash 1.5 update? I believe that I’m seeing the jitter issue with the new aTV Flash 1.5, running on ATV2 w/ 5.0 software. I’m playing 1080p H.264 encoded MKVs. I’m streaming via AFP from an Synology NAS over wired ethernet.

Unfortunately not. I bought a atv2 put on jband bought atv flash, but so far I’m very dissapointed with the performance. No smooth playback at all. I"m going to test it with a friend of mine who also has an atv2 with no issues, but older ios version (4.3) to see what the problem is.

I have just purchased this product out of 400 MKV files only a a couple dozen work. Very disappointed. The files are from MakeMKV all play perfect in VLC and PLEX the error that I am getting is (you may experience slow or choppy playback when viewing this video) I am running 1.5 aTV Flash. Will this be fixed within my 15 days if not I will be asking for a refund.

If you’re having trouble with playback in the 1.5 version please run one of the problematic files through MediaInfo and post the specs.

Also, keep in mind the new player in version 1.5 is only available for Apple TV version 4.4 and later.

James, Thanks for replying, very impressed. I will send you the info on the movie is 300 Blu Ray. I am running the latest firmware from Apple and 1.5

James, Attached is the info you requested.

Ah, unfortunately VC-1 video on the Apple TV is a no go at this point.

Many of the newer Blu-ray titles, while still high profile 1080p, contain AVC video instead of VC-1 which works great on the Apple TV.

James, What would be a good work around for this as 90% of my movies are having this issue?